We are a boutique full-service IT firm.

Let us box up your IT problems and get them out of your life.

IT can be complex and intimidating.   IT shouldn’t be.  Your IT needs to work as hard as you do.  From the devices you use to your data storage and security. Lets us box up your IT problems and get them out of your life.

About Shoebox

At Shoebox we help driven businesses get an IT set-up that works for them. Then we keep it running.  Let us take care of your devices, telephone systems, internet communications, security and everything in between so you can focus on growing your business.


Are you sick of
IT Issues? So are we.

Let’s be real. You don’t have time to stuff around with IT. You need to work with an IT provider that understands your business, and gets the job done.
Think of us as your own, boutique IT department in a box.

Conferencing and telephone solutions

Don’t let ageing systems let you down at crucial moments. Get reliable communications to empower you everyday.

Internet connections

Connections as quick as your wit. Make sure your internet is fast, stable and secure everywhere your work, in the office, at home or on the go.

Management, monitoring and maintenance

Keep your systems running. We’ll keep an eye on everything, monitor real time alerts and keep your systems and software up-to-date.

Cloud storage

Enjoy the flexibility and security of the cloud, monitored and managed by a team of trained and skilled engineers.

Managed security

Let us assess and mitigate digital risks to your practice or chambers though properly designed, implemented and managed security.

Got IT issues?

With Shoebox we will help you put them in a box and get rid of them!
Your IT systems should operate like your lungs. You don’t have to think about breathing, and yet it still happens, in the background, keeping you alive.
And, if something goes wrong, you want to know you’ll get help. Fast.
Choose us for less stress, less confusion, less downtime and more systems that just work.

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